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Frequently Asked Questions

The Edo State Strategy, Policy, Projects, and Performance Management Office is a specialized government agency tasked with driving strategic planning, policy formulation, project management, and performance monitoring in Edo State. We work to ensure alignment with state priorities and deliver impactful outcomes across all sectors.

Our main objectives include developing and implementing strategic plans aligned with the state’s long-term vision, formulating evidence-based policies to address socio-economic challenges, overseeing the successful execution of projects, and monitoring and evaluating performance across government departments to drive continuous improvement.

We contribute to governance effectiveness by providing strategic direction, policy advice, project management support, and performance monitoring services to government agencies. Through collaboration and innovation, we aim to enhance accountability, transparency, and service delivery to the citizens of Edo State.

Performance management is the systematic process of monitoring, evaluating, and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of government programs and services. It is important for ensuring accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement in governance, ultimately leading to better outcomes for citizens.

We measure and evaluate performance through the establishment of clear and measurable indicators, data collection and analysis, regular reporting to stakeholders, and feedback mechanisms. By analyzing performance data, we assess progress, identify areas for improvement, and drive informed decision-making.

We encourage stakeholders, including citizens, civil society organizations, and businesses, to actively participate in our activities by providing feedback, sharing insights, and contributing to the ongoing improvement of government programs and services. Together, we can build a more responsive and accountable government that delivers results for all residents of Edo State.

Recent initiatives include the launch of Edo Digital Connect, aimed at enhancing digital connectivity and infrastructure across the state, and various strategic planning efforts to drive sustainable development and innovation. Stay tuned to our News & Updates page for more information on our latest projects and initiatives.