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Our Responsibilities

Strategic Planning Process

Learn about our rigorous approach to strategic planning, including stakeholder engagement, data analysis, goal setting, and performance measurement. Discover how we ensure alignment with the state’s vision and priorities.

Current Strategic Priorities

Explore the key focus areas driving Edo State’s development agenda. From economic diversification to social inclusion and infrastructure development, delve into the priorities shaping our strategic direction.

Strategic Initiatives and Projects

Get insights into the flagship initiatives and projects driving progress across Edo State. From large-scale infrastructure projects to innovative social programs, explore how we’re translating strategy into action.

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Understand our robust monitoring and evaluation framework, designed to track progress, measure impact, and ensure accountability. Discover how we use data-driven insights to drive continuous improvement and optimize resource allocation.

Stakeholder Engagement

Learn about our collaborative approach to stakeholder engagement, involving government agencies, civil society organizations, private sector partners, and the community. Explore how we harness collective expertise and perspectives to inform our strategic decisions.

Strategic Partnerships

Discover the strategic partnerships driving synergies and maximizing impact in Edo State. From international organizations to local stakeholders, explore how we leverage partnerships to achieve shared goals and enhance development outcomes.

Future Directions

Gain insights into our vision for the future of Edo State. Explore emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping our strategic priorities and learn how we’re adapting our approach to navigate a rapidly changing environment.

Strategic Documents and Resources

Access key strategic documents, reports, and resources to deepen your understanding of our approach and initiatives. From strategic plans to performance reports, explore the wealth of information available to stakeholders and the public.